What Is UCAT (in The Past Known As UKCAT)?

UCAT represents University Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT, UK Clinical Aptitude Test) and is required for therapeutic/dental affirmations at numerous colleges in the United Kingdom. Starting at 2019, UCAT is supplanting UKCAT. Despite the fact that the name change has been made, UCAT is a similar test as UKCAT and can be achieved everywhere throughout the world because of the difference in name of UCAT. UCAT began in Australia and New Zealand under the name UCAT ANZ.

UCAT is an electronic test performed by the Pearson Vue Centres among July and October of every year. 

What is the distinction among UCAT and UKCAT?  

UKCAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) was the name of the test utilized in UCAT Preperation before changing the name. There is no distinction in substance, structure or time between the two tests. 

What colleges require UCAT?

London, Leicester, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Medway Medical University, Kentucky, Aberdeen, Astin, Hurrican York School of Medicine, Bristol, Birmingham, Dundee, Cardiff, Edinburgh, East Anglia, Glasgow, Exeter,  Nottingham, Newcastle, Queen Mary University of London, Plymouth, Sheffield, Queen University of Belfast, Sunderland, Southampton, St. George London and Warwick (just alumni), St. Andrews. 

What are the restorative confirmation prerequisites?

Use Med School Matcher to get thoughts for universities that can without much of a stretch adjust to your normal subjects and grades. Or on the other hand, check the base UCAT score required by every college. 

What did the UCAT (UKCAT) test do?

The UCAT test comprises of five areas. An opportunity to respond to inquiries in each area is reflected beneath and an extra moment is added to peruse the segment. 


The following test segments include: 

  • Verbal reasoning: Time allowed for this segment is 22 minutes and is comprised of 44 questions.
  • Decision making: time to complete this segment is 32 minutes and includes 29 questions. 
  • Quantitative reasoning: allowed time to complete this section is 25 minutes and is comprised of 36 questions. 
  • Abstract reasoning: 14 minutes are allowed to complete this section and total 55 questions are included in it. 
  • Situational judgement: 27 minutes are allowed to complete this segment and is comprised of 69 questions. 

What is the normal UCAT score?  

In the yearly report, the UCAT exam consortium distributes a normal score and subdivides it into test areas. Here are the insights for 2018 UKCAT (UCAT). 

  • Thinking of the language: 567 
  • Basic leadership: 624
  • Quantitative thinking: 658 
  • Dynamic thinking: 637 
  • Circumstance preliminary: N/A
  • All out decrease/score: 2485

What is a decent UCAT score?

This is a typical inquiry and it’s anything but an exact answer. When all is said in done, a higher score than the national normal UCAT score gives understudies an upper hand. In any case, the normal score changes each time we take tests and there are various criteria for every therapeutic school. We have committed a different article that spreads inquiries regarding the amazing UCAT scoring boss! For the preparation of this exam you can go for the UCAT sample questions available over the official website.

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