First Aid – FAQs

First aid really is that important that knowing a little bit could be the difference between someone dying and saving someone’s life. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s fact.
There is an old saying that having a little bit of knowledge on a subject can be dangerous but first aid is the exemption to this rule as long as the little bit of first aid knowledge you have is correct. By being able to administer the Heimlich manoeuvre correctly or resuscitate a person then you are giving more time for the paramedics to arrive and attempt to resolve the situation. Check out for more important details.

If it was you in that situation would you want them to know a little bit of first aid or no first aid at all? The question pretty much answers itself.
With this in mind before you can learn any first aid tips and techniques you should really understand what first aid is and what it attempts to do, which may sound quite silly but which isn’t silly at all because there is more to first aid than attempting to save a person’s life straight off the bat.
For your benefit here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers when it comes to first aid.
What kinds of things does first aid include?
The basic premise of first aid is to give help to any person who needs it and get help yourself to help resolve the situation. There are many forms of first aid which will appear in most people’s minds when they think of first aid and the most common will be the Heimlich manoeuvre or mouth to mouth resuscitation. It is true that these first aid manoeuvres are very important pieces of first aid training but there are many other forms of first aid which are just as important.
For example ringing the emergency services for help and helping someone in trouble stay calm and relaxed is an important part of first aid training as the actual process of reviving someone or trying to clear their airwaves.
Is first aid hard to learn?
First aid isn’t difficult to learn as long as you are being taught correctly. The important thing to remember about first aid is you are never going to perform any invasive or emergency procedures because you don’t have the training to do so, presumably. What first aid is really about is simple tips which can give someone in need the time to be attended by professionals.
As a way of showing how easy first aid can be to learn a lot of medical companies are taking time out to teach children first aid.