How To Get The Best Child Care At Home

When you have become a parent for the first time, you want the very best for your child. When it comes to leaving the child at home and go to work, many new mothers are anxious about the level of care and attention that the child needs and how to give them the same. When a child is less than one year old, parents do not want to consider crèches or day care facilities for their child. At this time, leaving their child at home under the supervision of a caregiver or home based childcare is the only option here
Choose the right person
Even if there are elderly people at home, it is to be remembered that looking after an infant or a small child is a daunting task for which one needs to be physically able and have the stamina to do the various care giving tasks for a long time during the day. For these reasons, even if elderly people are present at home parents opt for nanny services. Nowadays trained nannies are available and can be hired from agencies. It is best to choose a nanny from an agency so that the latter is accountable for the services of the nanny appointed.
Education and care
It is important to see how a nanny behaves with a child. For this reason, either parent should spend a few days with the nanny looking after their child. This allows the child to get familiar with the caregiver and for a parent to observe how the nanny handles the child. For a child who is less than a year old the nanny needs to give special attention to ensure that the child does not fall off the safety chair or bed and to ensure that the delicate head is not bumped from any sudden falls. The use of educational tools and games is also important for a child and a nanny should know the importance of play time.
Keeping the home safe
Even though a child in home based childcare might seem the best option, it is necessary to child proof the home by taking certain steps. All sharp edges and objects need to be kept out of reach of the child. There should be soft rugs, carpets strewn on the floors to provide a soft landing to the baby or child in case he or she falls. Keeping a first aid kit handy as well as medication for different ailments for the baby is necessary measures when keeping a child at home.
Reliable nanny agencies

It is important to review the agency you are hiring a nanny from. You need to also interview a number of ladies who are forwarded by an agency and decide on one. The credentials of the person and how she behaves around the child are important deciding criteria as well.