Returning To Work After Having A Baby

After you’ve given birth, most new mothers will take off around 10-12 months of paid maternity leave in total, depending on the options provided by your employer. Some maternity leave schemes will allow you to take the whole allocated time off at once, whilst others will ask you to take them time off in instalments, meaning that you’ll have to work for short periods of time in the months after your baby is born. Whatever you choose to do, once your maternity leave period has ended, you’ll have to begin planning your return to full time work.


For many new mothers, the biggest issue that they face when returning to work is leaving their child in the care of somebody else. After spending several months being able to look after your child every day and night, the idea of handing over their care to a boutique child care centre can be quite emotional.

Here’s the deal:

Children adapt easily, and you’ll probably find that you’ll end up missing your baby more than they miss you. The first few days may be hard, with tears on both parts – but eventually you’ll both adapt to being apart, and you’ll probably find it a welcome break as your child grows into the toddler years. Being at a good day care is also really beneficial to your baby, as they’ll meet other kids their own age and maybe even form lifelong friendships, as well as being in an environment that’s designed for them to have fun, learn and develop.

Choosing an establishment

If the cost of some nursery schools or boutique child care centres are looking just a little too much for your budget, you may be able to turn to your work place for help. Many employers will contribute towards the cost of day centres or kinder for your child, so it’s worth asking if your place of work has any such scheme in operation.

When you’re looking for a nursery school for a child, it’s usually a good idea to get recommendations in order to find a place that’s going to suit you both. Ask any friends that you may have who’ve got children in a nursery school if they’d recommend it, and ask about the services you offer before you book an appointment with the head teacher to talk about enrolling your child. Searching for online reviews is also an excellent way of finding honest opinions about the establishments you’re looking at.