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How To Spot Illegal Driving Instructors

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In today’s society, it is vitally important to know who is teaching you, your child or your close ones how to drive. Due to the fact that many people have started to illegally teach others how to drive, this is the time to know how to spot these people, before it is too late. A person who is pretending to be authorized to teach driving is a person who will most certainly go to jail if he’s caught and who will be spending quite a bit of time there because he violated the Road Traffic Act 1988, which prohibits drivers to receive any money from providing driving instruction unless they have passed the DVSA three-part instructor’s test.


A driving instructor is obligated by law to show his license before moving on to teaching. The license can be pink with a triangle on it, which means that he is a trainee, or it can be green with an octagon which means that the person is a fully qualified driving teacher. Also, these icons or shapes should be visible from outside the car.

Both of the licenses should be made out of hard plastic and they should measure 10.5 cm by 10.5 cm. They should have a valid date and a unique instructor code or serial number and a photograph of the person teaching driving lesson Malvern which cannot be more than 4 years old on the back of the license.

A driving instructor is also obligated by law to show their licenses and there can be a $1000 fine is they are caught not providing it to the student. Also, a fake driving instructor will offer cheap driving lessons and as they may look promising, be sure to have a look at his license before you agree to anything and before you give him any money.

Verifying the person

If you are not sure whether your instructor is qualified for teaching, you can verify him in a very simple way. You can just give the DVSA a call and ask to see if he is registered as a qualified and genuine instructor and also to see if he has passed the test or if he is only a trainee. The Driving & Vehicle Agency exists in every country on the planet and all you have to do is search for their number and when you find it you just have to call them and put some simple questions in order to make sure that you are safe driving on the roads with the person who is teaching you.

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